The headquarters of the distillery is in Supino in the province of Frosinone, in the middle of the Ciociaria, in Central Italy. The factory is located at an altitude of about 500 meters in the heart of the Lepini mountains, an uncontaminated and wild territory, rich in medicinal plants which the local population treasures and to which it devotes much care. The landscape offers the possibilities to immerge into the wild with spectacular rocks for climbing, exceptional sources of spring water and the opportunity to live in contact with wild animals such as cows, goats and horses.


For the past few years the municipality of Supino has put the effort in valued the life of the mountain:

  • Promoting the mountain festival during which families can spend the night of MidAugust under the stars in equipped, authorized and secured areas; ; 
  • Restoring the paths that lead to the peaks of the Lepini mountains;
  • Converting the old houses, belonged to shepherds, in public camping sites for both families and campers;
  • Setting up playgrounds for children;
  • Promoting waste recycling activities operated in total respect of nature.
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