I am Stefano Prete, the Master Distiller and the owner of the Distilleria Prete. I devote to my work and passion to all my products where you can feel my origins and the scent of Salento. I graduated in biotechnology and have been working for over ten years in the chemical-pharmaceutical sector. I have always been intrigued by the technical and scientific aspects of working with natural raw materials. During the years I deepened into the know-how of distillery and flavour mixing, growing a wide expertise in mastering alcoholic production. The interest in products such as grappa, cognac, whisky, gin and liqueurs drove me to researching and experimenting with innovative products, always respecting the traditional crafting methods.

“Mine it is not just work… it’s a constant search for….”

I personally select the raw materials and direct the distillation and then I deal with processing of alcoholic products, defining time and mode of infusion, as well as stabilization, aging and alcohol content. Mine is a constant work of research to create new blending through organoleptic predictions and chemical and sensory analyses. I have also acquire a special knowledge and taste for combining our product with other foods, in a creative collaboration with professionals

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