The homemade liqueur factory is a production unit of the Distilleria Prete authorized for the preparation of herbal infusions with the method of cold processing, for the use of natural aromas and aromatic preparations and their transformation into spirit drinks.

Alcoholic products obtained within the liqueur factory are all handmade in Ciociaria.These are unique products, to share with your loved ones but also to treat yourself to something special.

The products are made with love and dedication respecting the professionalism, creativity and harmony of those who created them. They keep history, secrets, art and traditions carefully guarded, elaborated and handed down.

I prodotti alcolici o bevande alcoliche ottenuti nell’ambito del liquorificio artigianale sono:

  • - Liquore amaro a base di erbe e spezie
  • - Liquore alle noci – Nocino
  • - Rattafìa ciociara

Raw Materials

The following raw materials are used for the production of liqueurs and gin: The wine is produced from local wine grapes of Lazio (Cesanese del Piglio, Rosso di Atina); it is purchased from external suppliers and is used for the preparation of Rattafìa Ciociara.
The alcohol used for cold processing (infusions) is acquired from external suppliers and is produced and distilled in Italy from fermented agricultural raw materials such as beet, molasses, potato, cereals or wine. Natural flavourings and aromatic preparations are obtained by cold infusion (alcohol and botanicals) and subsequent extraction by distillation at authorized aroma factory according to the instructions of the Master Distiller. They are used, after dilution and mixing, for the production of the compound or contemporary gin.

Medicinal plants (spices, flowers, fruits or parts thereof, etc.) are produced by companies specialized in their production, drying and preserving for food and herbal use. They represent the so-called botanicals used in cold infusions for the production of liqueurs and bitters.
Fresh fruits such as visciole (wild cherries), used for the production of Rattafìa, or walnuts with husk, used for the production of Nocino, are mainly purchased from local suppliers of Ciociaria. The art of selecting quality raw materials is a talent of the craftsman. The ability to transform them is the way in which tradition is wisely preserved.

The Cold Processing 

For the production of liqueurs the method is that of cold processing or infusion. It is the classic method that is also used for the preparation of homemade liqueurs and consists in putting herbs, spices, fruits, etc. in direct contact with alcohol or wine for a period of about 30-40 days, at controlled temperatures. The Master Distiller decides the infusion time taking into account the results of chemical-physical and sensory analysis and the times imposed by tradition.

Sugar syrup or fructose and water are then added to the infusion to achieve the desired sugar and alcohol content. Flavourings or natural aromatic preparations for the production of liqueurs and gin may be used, the production of which is entrusted to authorized aroma factory, according to a procedure accurately set by the Master Distiller.

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