Alcohol, “Less is Better”

About alcohol consumption, although our territory is anchored to traditions rooted for millennia, despite being a producer and trader of alcoholic beverages, I cannot refrain from the awareness that alcohol and alcohol-based alcoholic products are directly harmful or indirectly if consumed beyond low-risk doses. In fact, I share the position of the WHO – World Health Organization as well as the European Union and the Ministry of Health of Italy…. “Less is better”. This is also a company choice, in fact, my productions are mostly limited editions, small productions often linked to the traditions of both the local and national territory, with numbered bottles or production lots that often do not exceed 500 bottles ... small productions for conscious and nostalgic consumers of the traditions of italian territory. But although I expect a consumer who is notable as well as aware and in line with my expectations above, allow me to identify some issues and recommendations on the subject of alcohol consumption as well as outline my expectations regarding the ideal consumer of my products.

Alcohol is a psychotropic substance, in high doses it can lead to dependence, reduces sensory and motor perception as well as reflexes, makes people aggressive and is often responsible for phenomena of violence as well as accidents on the road, at work as well as death of many people, including young people.

For these and many other reasons, I recommend the consumer of my products NOT to consume alcohol in the following cases:

- If you are a pregnant woman

- If you are a minor

- If you are fasting or away from meals

- If you have to drive

- If you're at work

- If you intend to get drunk or hurt yourself

- If you tend to be aggressive when you drink alcohol

- If you alienate or dissociate yourself when you drink alcohol

- If you drink to forget an illness that afflicts you

- If you have pathologies for which the consumption of alcohol is not recommended

- If you don't care what you drink

I have decided to make a list of reasons why not to drink my alcoholic products because I believe that anyone who does not respect it has no respect for themselves, for others and nevertheless for my products which I consider precious, for demanding palates who consume selected alcoholic products in full exercise of one's psycho-physical balance, as a moment of refreshment or recreation.

Therefore, considering that one alcoholic unit corresponds to approximately 12 g of pure alcohol, in line with the guidelines described above, I recommend consuming alcohol and alcoholic products within what is defined as the low-risk consumption threshold, which I describe below :

- Maximum no. 2 units of alcohol per day for men

- Maximum no. 1 alcohol unit per day for women

- Maximum no. 1 unit of alcohol per day for people over the age of 65

By way of example, a unit of alcohol corresponds to the following:

- N. 1 glass of wine of 125 ml with an alcohol content of 12% vol.

- N. 1 aperitif of 80 ml with an alcohol content of 38% vol.

- N. 1 spirit of 30-40 ml with an alcohol content of 40-45% vol.

 You don't need to cross these thresholds to appreciate the flavours, aromas and magic that I concentrate and weave into my products. In fact, consider  that the consumption of alcohol beyond the 1-2 recommended doses generates the loss of awareness of the product and the perception of the risk of intoxication and the consumption of 5-6 doses within 2-3 hours can lead to acute intoxication, coma and at a high risk of death.

 If you must drive and have been drinking alcoholic beverages, wait at least 2 hours without consuming alcohol before resuming driving. In this case, drink plenty of water and, if you can, monitor your blood alcohol content and resume driving only after reaching the safety threshold: <0.5 g/litre.

 Remeber tha you have a wife or husband, a partner, a family, childrens, , friends, in short, at least one person who loves you… be responsible first of all with yourself and then with all those who love you.

Consume alcoholic products within what I have recommended, in company or during a party, it is enough to appreciate a meal, to melt with the other sexes, socialize, engage in discussions and creative debates, to make you fall in love.


Remember: “Less is more… Your greatness lies in the way you take care of yourself, others and the world around you”

                                                                                                                                                                                               By  Master Distiller

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