Distilleria Prete

and tradition

Mine it is not just work… it’s a constant search for. I personally select the raw materials and direct the distillation and then I deal with processing of alcoholic products, defining time and mode of infusion, as well as stabilization, aging and alcohol content. Mine is a constant work of research to create new blending through organoleptic predictions and chemical and sensory analyses. I have also acquire a special knowledge and taste for combining our product with other foods, in a creative collaboration with professionals

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Row Materials

Our products

Grappe and liqueurs
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The Mission

Susteinability and Made in Italy
our future

By 2022, we will launch a project for the company’s eco-sustainability to manage and reduce emissions of distillation waste that, after appropriate treatment, will be reused to generate thermal and/or electrical energy to use in production processes or self-consumption. In addition, in the next 5 years Distilleria Prete will challenge the international market: our goal is to make the tradition of our products available, further enhancing "Made in Italy" in the world.

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The Land

the heart of Ciociaria

The headquarters of the distillery is in Supino in the province of Frosinone, in the middle of the Ciociaria, in Central Italy. The factory is located at an altitude of about 500 meters in the heart of the Lepini mountains, an uncontaminated and wild territory
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